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"SpellBots is making a significant difference to our children's ability to spell. It's that simple.

They love using it, particularly the different activities that move the package way beyond 'look, cover, say, write, check'.

Being able to quickly and simply add lists that match with spelling patterns gives teachers a great product without extra workload."

Peter Richardson - Deputy Head at Walton-le-Dale Community Primary School


Individualised Spelling Lists

Teachers can create their own lists or borrow from the lists provided by The SpellBots. These lists can then be set for individual pupils, groups or the whole class. The system moves learners on automatically to the next list when they are ready.

Encourage & Motivate

The SpellBots provide ‘stickers’ when pupils reach certain milestones, such as their first perfect score, or when they have spelled 50 words correctly. Teachers can also create awards for individual learners appropriate to their ability.


The demands on teachers’ time is heavier than ever. The SpellBots has been designed to free up time in a busy week for other important tasks, but as well as saving time we think that The SpellBots will deal with the weekly task of ‘learning spellings’ in a more effective and efficient way.

Easy to Use

A timesaving tool that isn’t easy to use wouldn’t be of much use. So we have invested a large amount of time and effort making sure that The SpellBots are just that, extremely easy to use.

Big Data!

The SpellBots will provide teachers with a wealth of useful information such as which spelling patterns are children struggling with, how often are they practising and which pupils are finding their words ‘too easy’.


  • Individual
  • £15.00 / year
  • 1 User
  • 100 Spelling Lists
  • Reward Stickers
  • Progress Reports
  • Forum Support
  • Order
  • Home
  • £10.00 / user / year
  • 2 to 5 Users
  • 500 Spelling Lists
  • Rewards Stickers
  • Parent Tools
  • eMail Support
  • Order
  • Class
  • £3.00 / user / year
  • 50 Users (maximum)
  • Unlimited Spelling Lists
  • Reward Stickers
  • Class Reports
  • Teacher Tools
  • eMail Support
  • Order
  • School
  • £2.00 / user / year
  • Minimum 51 Users
  • Unlimited Spelling Lists
  • Reward Stickers
  • Class / School Reports
  • Teacher Tools
  • School Admin Tools
  • Parent Portal
  • Phone and eMail Support
  • Order

About Us

At MightyMango our aim is to create simple yet powerful tools for teachers and learners.

The company has been started up by Simon, a former teacher, who in a past life was also one of the founders of BlackCat Educational Software (many of you will be too young to remember them!)

Our mission is to create easy to use tools that save teachers precious time, provide them with the information needed to help their pupils and encourage and motivate pupils to learn.

Based at the UCL IOE, EDUCATE connects Ed Tech entrepreneurs, practitioners and researchers and uses research to inspire the design of high-quality learning products and services. It helps companies like ours to develop and create EdTech products that work.


The SpellBots, MightyMango Ltd, 3 Meadow Street, Cardiff CF11 9PY